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I am an experienced teacher who offers yoga classes in Berkshire and and yoga classes in Oxfordshire.
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As well as group yoga classes, I also offer one to one Yoga classes in Newbury, Thatcham and Didcot. One to one yoga classes are great way to achieve you
... r personal goals as they can be tailored to your needs.

I trained through the Sivananda Center in London.

I teach Sivananda yoga classes in Didcot and other areas. Sivananda yoga is a HATHA yoga system which was introduced to the west by Swami Sivananda, who was a doctor in India. He believed that yoga was the way forward, rather than modern medicine. He then sent his disciple Swami Vishnu- Devananda to spread the word into the west. Three large Ashrams were then set up in the Bahamas, Montreal and in London.

At a Sivananda yoga class Sivananda yoga class in Didcot and other areas, we practice pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (postures) and Savasana (relaxation) . The class will cover all of these aspects of yoga and teach people how to to work with the breath, how to find deeper calm and relaxation and how to safely work with their body to bring themselves into the asanas.

Sivananda yoga classes are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners of all ages as I am able to adapt classes and modify postures to suit their needs.

Hatha yoga classes increase physical flexibility, strengthens the body, develops effective breathing skills, increases oxygen supply to the muscles, energises, relaxes, purifies and works holistically on all aspects of the body. Yoga also teaches us how to relax. It calms the mind & helps us focus, balance and concentrate. Above all, yoga creates self awareness.

Apart from yoga classes I run in the Newbury, Thatcham and Didcot area, I also teach at gyms and organisations. I also do one to one sessions, which I find very rewarding. I help the individual with the specific area and with what they want to achieve increased flexibility (a lean and long look), reduced anxiety and overall a balance in body, mind and spirit.

From time to time my yoga classes vary from the complete Sivananda class to adding different sequences and styles which I am continuously learning through workshops.

DBS: Yes
Insured By: Dsa

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